Comprehensive enrolment service helps universities enhance recruitment and marketing activities internationally

Acumen, a leading education services provider, today launched PACE, a comprehensive suite of student recruitment-related solutions designed to maximise enrolment outcomes for universities.

PACE, which stands for Prospect, Admit, Convert and Enrol, helps universities generate and nurture initial queries through to completed applications, and drive enrolments by enhanced conversion and compliance approaches. Supported by the adoption of the latest technology tools, Acumen’s specialists are trained to manage application volumes and accelerate turnaround times, leaving university partners time to focus on other strategic priorities such as tuition, student experience and welfare. PACE’s approach is designed to be fit for purpose for each international region, with student outreach conducted from our hub locations in South and South East Asia, in local languages such as Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia and Vietnamese, amongst others.

“In today’s competitive market, international recruitment strategies need to be increasingly specialised and intentional,” said Rory O’Toole, Global Solutions Director at Acumen in London. “Through PACE, universities can engage more proactively with students and gain a competitive edge.”

PACE services can be integrated into existing recruitment and marketing strategies to standardise methodologies, address compliance obligations and improve outcomes through enhanced engagement and conversion approaches. In the process, a university can expand capacity while streamlining processes and improve application turnaround time. In addition, PACE can identify recruitment barriers and advise on appropriate and timely communication to students at all stages of the student journey. PACE solutions are flexible, designed to help customers manage the funnel from top to bottom, or easily segmented to address specific needs.

“A number of Acumen’s partner institutions are already embedding our enrolment services into their recruitment strategy and have been able to quickly adapt to evolving local market demands, whilst managing costs and benefitting from an agile and flexible solution,” said Michael Bartlett, Global Managing Director of Acumen based in Singapore. “A unique advantage that Acumen has is that we have our own people delivering PACE in-situ in the regions our institutions need them most. The ability to respond to changes in student decision-making is key to sustainability and growth.”

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