Discover the Future of Education in India:
Acumen's India 10 States Report

Navigating the Diversity and Opportunities of Indian Education.


Acumen proudly introduces the India 10 States Report

Your definitive guide to understanding the vibrant and complex landscape of Indian education. Designed for educators, institutions, and investors, this groundbreaking series offers an unparalleled deep dive into the heart of India's educational sector, state by state. Explore unique insights, trends, and opportunities across ten key Indian states, each promising a fresh perspective on the vast potential within.

India's educational sector is as diverse as it is challenging. With over 1 million educational institutions set against a backdrop of changing regulations, dynamic growth rates, and evolving aspirations, the task of navigating this landscape can seem daunting. The Acumen India 10 States Report is your compass through this vast territory, highlighting the paths to internationalisation of education within India's demographic dividend.

Breaking Through the Data

We've sifted through the clutter to focus on 10 states (including one territory) that are pivotal to understanding student mobility, economic indicators, education quality, and more.

Our analysis includes:

  • Education Landscape: Grasp the breadth and depth of educational institutions.
  • Mobility Trends: Track how student and academic exchanges are evolving.
  • Economic Indicators: Gauge the economic dynamics shaping education.
  • Opportunities & Challenges: Identify strategic openings and potential hurdles.

What You Will Discover

Quality of Education:
Insight into educational standards and outcomes.

Student Mobility:
The potential for international education and student transfers.

Financial Capacity:
Analysis of students' ability to afford international education.

Labour Market:
A look at employment prospects and thriving industries.

Government Policies:
Exploration of openness to international collaborations and investments.

Market Opportunities:
How foreign institutions can find success in the Indian market.

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Discover Karnataka: Karnataka is known for its rich cultural heritage, diverse landscapes ranging from lush green forests to serene beaches, and as the hub of India's high-tech industry.



Coming in May 2024


Tamil Nadu

Coming in June 2024



Coming in July 2024



Coming in August 2024



Coming in September 2024


Uttar Pradesh

Coming in October 2024



Coming in November 2024


Andhra Pradesh

Coming in December 2024



Coming in January 2025

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