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Modularity is key. PACE Enrolment Services allow you and your team to access an entire recruitment pipeline of services, or only the parts you need support with.


Have a backlog of leads or applications with extended processing time?

Need support to filter and qualify the most suitable candidates? Looking for help with selecting credible students for a CAS, I-20, IRCC, or GTE approval? Acumen’s localised, multilingual team can help call and email students, using criteria set by your institution to select the most suitable students for follow up.

“ The collaboration has been a great fit for Kingston as the PACE Enrolment Services team integrated seamlessly with our processes. The team conducted the pre-CAS interviews in a speedy manner which ensured we were able to efficiently proceed with issuing CAS numbers to those students who passed their interviews. The feedback from the interviews was incredibly helpful and insightful. The attentiveness of the cases dealt with and the analysis of the interviews provided. ”
- Andrew Fraser, International Officer, Kingston University


24/7 availability, leveraging local time zones, and local language capabilities.

Through PACE Enrolment Services, Acumen is an extension of your team.

What modules does the PACE Enrolment Service offer partners?

Demand Generation

With a focus on diversity, our demand generation activity helps institutions to generate student leads digitally. The digital campaigns are run by Acumen on behalf of institutions in the relevant language on local, targeted online platforms and social media channels. We ensure that the institution’s brand is amplified in selected markets through an effective, experienced and dynamic approach.

Lead Filtering

The PACE Enrolment Services team perform student outreach using email, popular digital messaging apps, and phone to filter leads. As your partner, our experienced team focusses on high-quality leads and improving conversion/yield. In many markets, leads can be numerous, but not all are genuine or suitable. PACE Enrolment services provides targeted filtering to maximise quality applications, reach the best prospects, and provide an excellent student experience.

Conversion Optimisation

Supercharge your conversion and yield rates with our specialised optimisation services. As your trusted partner, we offer a comprehensive range of features designed to aid your conversion rates. Our strategies include leveraging local phone numbers to boost response rates, implementing pre-defined follow-up automations, utilising automated lead and student engagement scoring, conducting pipeline cleansing, and ensuring continuous governance with insightful reporting. With our tailored approach, you'll experience enhanced results and greater success in your enrolment efforts, and your students will have a better enrolment experience.

Compliance Screening

Our compliance screening helps in handling the assessment of a student’s genuine intention and ability to study, as stipulated by the institution. We understand local education and financial documentation and are experienced with identifying fraudulence. We interview students to assess their intentions and support their understanding of their study choice. Once students fulfil requirements stipulated by the education provider, we then recommend visa documentation is issued and the enrolment process progresses.

Admissions Processing

Admissions processing is a complex procedure, particularly when dealing with a large volume of applications. Acumen understands the challenges that arise from handling a significant influx of applications. By partnering with us, you will streamline processes like application review, data verification, and communication with applicants. However, it's important to note that while we provide support to enhance your university's capacity, the ultimate responsibility for admissions and acceptance decisions will always remain firmly in your hands.

    Backlog to Breakthrough: How Acumen Helped a UK University Achieve International Recruitment Growth


    Transforming Student Enrolment and Enhancing the Student Experience: A Success Story

    “ Our partnership with Acumen has helped us increase our national student recruitment. For us, along with developing wonderful friendships throughout journey, it has been a fantastic experience to work together. We are thrilled to be in partnership with such an exciting team. ”
    - Alison Anderson, Regional Manager, University of the West of Scotland
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