Vietnam Rising – The Growing Demand for International Students

According to several reports and news articles, Vietnam is in the market to promote foreign education for its brightest minds. With a multitude of students in several countries, especially from East Asia, opting for higher education abroad, universities in European nations and the Americas are waiting to welcome the influx with open arms. Vietnamese students make up the third-largest segment of the international student marketplace. Furthermore, ninety-two per cent of Vietnamese families seek physical, face-to-face interactions with counsellors for advice when making big educational decisions.

Popular Education Destinations

Over the past twenty years, Vietnam’s economic development has been steady, yet impressive. The average rate of growth has been pegged at 5.5%, since 1990. The economy is on a roll, and estimations, at least till 2025, are on the positive side. With youth under 30, making up half of the Vietnamese demographic, most international students of Vietnamese origin can be found in Japan. There is also great interest for Vietnamese students to pursue education in countries like Australia.

Why opt for higher studies abroad? The common consensus among the Vietnamese is that their own tertiary domestic education system is not equipped to accommodate most students who apply for higher education within the country. With this view, there has to be a way for elementary and secondary institutions in Vietnam to reach out to universities in countries abroad. 

Acumen, part of the Sannam S4 Group, is an organisation that can give an edge to most international educational institutions that wish to tap into the Vietnamese student population. Acumen has partnerships with world-leading universities enabling doors to be opened and opportunities created for Vietnamese students to reach their desired educational destination.

A Good Fit

The main goal of any educational partner that brings students and their matching universities together should be this – to provide the perfect fit. Acumen does just that. In fact, recruiting students from Vietnam, who ultimately become students in universities in North America and other parts of the world, is a diligent process. 

It’s predominantly the middle class of Vietnamese society that wishes to send children abroad for further education. Besides the constraints that may exist for monetary requirements, there are also subjects to consider. 

The most popular fields of study for Vietnamese students include Tourism, STEM fields (inclusive of Engineering), and business studies. Besides Japan, North America, Canada and Australia are the desired destinations that offer the most attractive opportunities to their learners.

The Acumen team of experts rise to the challenge of finding the right learning institution for the right student, with economic factors at the forefront of consideration. Also taken into account is the fact that students are choosing countries like Japan and Canada over the USA, for the simple reason that Vietnamese students face affordability issues. They cannot afford the fees endorsed by most American and British universities. Scholarships are desired but can be hard to get. 

Keeping Standards High

In recent times, several new universities have come to the table and are vying for the attention of international students, especially from countries like Vietnam.

In a sea of educational partners, how do academic institutions know who to trust? Reputation plays a big part in the decision-making process but so too does the ability to deliver and achieve results where others fall short or fail completely.

The Acumen team not only has the capability to offer any university an in-road into the Vietnamese student structure but is also able to ensure that the right students are brought on board throughout the entirety of the process. Delivering on exactly what they set out to do.