Third time’s a charm! Sannam S4 Group wins “Consultancy of the Year” award at the UK-India Global Forum Awards 2023

London, June 30, 2023

Seamless, Acumen, and Sannam S4 Group announced as winners of the “Consultancy of the Year” category at the UK-India Global Forum Awards 2023.

This remarkable achievement recognises the exceptional contributions to fostering collaboration and driving impactful outcomes between the United Kingdom and India. 

The UK-India Global Forum Awards, an esteemed platform that celebrates bilateral cooperation between the two nations, announced the winners during a grand ceremony held in London on June 29th, 2023. The coveted “Consultancy of the Year” award, one of the event’s most prominent categories, honours organisations that have demonstrated unparalleled expertise, innovation, and client-centric approach in their consultancy services.

Seamless, Acumen, and Sannam S4 Group who have won the award twice before, stood out among a pool of formidable contenders due to their remarkable track record of delivering comprehensive, cutting-edge solutions and strategic insights to clients across various industries. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and deep understanding of the UK-India landscape has propelled them to the forefront of consultancy services in this critical bilateral relationship.

The fantastic accolade is a testament to the collective expertise and collaborative efforts of Seamless, Acumen, and Sannam S4 Group, in providing unparalleled consultancy services that drive positive outcomes for organisations operating between the UK and India. Their ability to navigate the complexities of cross-border business, cultural nuances, and regulatory environments has positioned them as trusted advisors to clients seeking growth and expansion opportunities in both markets.

We are honored to receive this prestigious recognition from the UK-India Global Forum Awards,” said Adrian Mutton, Sannam S4 Group Founder and Executive Chairman.

This award is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional consultancy services and delivering tangible value to our clients . We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our clients for their trust, and our dedicated teams for their relentless efforts in driving success and forging strong UK-India ties.

Kapil Dua, Chief Executive Officer, Seamless said “Winning the award for the third time fills me with an immense sense of pride. The teams work tirelessly to deliver successful outcomes for our clients and to be recognised for the hard work, dedication and commitment on the global stage, really is the acknowledgement that they so rightly deserve.”

Ed Dixon, Sannam S4 Group Board member and Executive Director of the Seamless business in the UK also had the following to say “Our application is made up of, in large part, client and partner views of working with us.  We never take the trust this shows in the Sannam S4 group for granted and constantly strive to help clients succeed, driving depth and momentum in the UK-India relationship.”

As the winners of the “Consultancy of the Year” category, Seamless, Acumen, and Sannam S4 Group have cemented their position as trailblazers in the field of consultancy, further solidifying their commitment to catalysing mutually beneficial partnerships and fostering economic growth between the United Kingdom and India.