Breaking Barriers to Enrolment Growth In India: Acumen’s K12 Report Unveiled

India’s educational landscape is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by the burgeoning aspirations of its growing middle class. As demand for quality international education escalates, navigating India’s intricate education sector demands a nuanced understanding and strategic approach. In this dynamic environment, Acumen emerges as the beacon guiding universities towards unparalleled success.

For over a decade, Acumen has been a trailblazer in India’s education sector, forging partnerships with premier global universities and education providers. Leveraging its extensive experience and local expertise across more than 20 countries, Acumen empowers universities to seize the myriad opportunities in India’s educational ecosystem.

Key Insights and Strategic Guidance

Acumen’s latest bi-annual report delves deep into India’s K-12 and study abroad trends, offering actionable insights to universities seeking to establish themselves as preferred destinations for Indian students and families. The report meticulously analyses major school typologies, the surging popularity of international curriculums, recent policy shifts, the state of career counselling, and innovative models for school-university collaboration.

Strategic Imperatives

Early Engagement: Establishing connections with schools during their senior secondary years positions universities favourably as enticing options for tomorrow’s undergraduates, capitalising on the growing demand for international education.

Meaningful Partnerships: By illuminating evolving school needs and priorities, the report facilitates the development of strategic alliances that unlock the vast potential of India’s expansive K12 market.

Unlock Your University’s Potential

Acumen offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to universities seeking to thrive in India’s education market:

  • Gain invaluable insights to craft a robust India K12 strategy.
  • Identify strategic partnership opportunities with schools and colleges.
  • Customise your brand and value proposition for Indian students and parents.
  • Develop culturally sensitive marketing and recruitment strategies.

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With Acumen as your institution’s internationalisation partner, we help you navigate the complexities of India’s education landscape with confidence and forge a path to unparalleled success.