Australian Government chooses Acumen in Expansion of Offshore TNE Delivery Project

The Acumen ANZ team, who are part of the Sannam S4 Group, are proud to announce their successful bid for a long- term project that will see them working with the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills, and Employment (DESE), and their Offshore Education Counsellor Network, to expand offshore delivery of education via transnational education (TNE).

The project will be delivered over two years, and will leverage Acumen’s extensive experience in TNE research and Acumen’s positive relationships with international governments and global education providers to assess, evaluate and establish innovative TNE pilots across four primary geographic regions: South Asia, Southeast Asia, North Asia, and Latin America. The program will work closely with Australian tertiary education providers to focus on new and creative tertiary TNE delivery in these regions.

The Acumen team is excited to work on a project that promises to expand the provision of innovative Australian TNE across Asia and Latin America and enable Australian education providers to partner with institutions and industry around the world to offer a global education. As part of the project, Acumen will be assessing the provision of TNE including both university higher education and vocational education and delivering meaningful insights that can help Australian educational institutions to increase their international reach.

As part of the project, Acumen will deliver actionable insights, including:

  • •A written report of the TNE landscape in each identified region
  • •A series of information resources to further build the Australian education sector’s understanding of the regulatory environment
  • Support to partner governments through workshops which create favourable conditions for Australian TNE expansion
  • Selection of Australian education providers (universities and vocational providers) to undertake recommended TNE pilots
  • Facilitation and establishment of recommended TNE pilots
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of TNE pilots

Marnie Watson, Managing Director of Australia & New Zealand at the Sannam S4 Group, has said: “On behalf of the Acumen team I’m delighted and honoured to be working with DESE on this important project to expand Australia’s offshore delivery for the university and vocational sectors. The lifelong connections and opportunities created through international education are more important than ever as the world faces new and more difficult geopolitical challenges. It is an exceptionally exciting time for TNE expansion as changing regulations in key markets such as India, Vietnam, and Korea make innovative developments possible.”

This is excellent news for the team at Acumen and the wider Sannam S4 Group, and it highlights the Australian Government’s dedication to expanding the delivery of innovative offshore education over the coming years.

ACUMEN, part of Sannam S4 group, is committed to helping globally-ambitious

education organisations enter, explore and expand in South and Southeast Asia, North America, and beyond. We offer a dedicated range of services to drive recruitment, student enrolment, develop strategic partnerships, and research collaboration. As a result, we act as an extension of your brand, by connecting you with the world’s best students, utilising strategic international education opportunities, understanding your ideal market through research and insights, and help mitigate any risks along the way. We operate in over 20 countries, with more than 250 industry practitioners with deep local knowledge and global expertise. We help navigate a competitive education landscape from end to end, while always prioritising your success.

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