Acumen in Conversation: Market Trends in Southeast Asia – Episode 2 Highlights

In the latest episode of “Acumen in Conversation,” broadcasting from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, we delve deep into the evolving landscape of Southeast Asia’s education sector. Hosted by Bang Pham, Senior Manager, Partner Success in Vietnam, the episode features insightful dialogues with Marnie Watson, Chief Partnership & Commercial Officer, and Cecilia Pereira-Yates, Director, External Affairs, UK & Europe.

Insights from the Experts

Marnie, with her extensive experience spanning 27 years in international education, including 23 years in Southeast Asia, highlights the diversity and demographic potential of Southeast Asia, noting the strategic importance of its young population for international education providers.

Cecilia, originally from Malaysia and boasting nearly 30 years in the sector, echoes the sentiment, emphasising Southeast Asia’s role as a key diversification market for international institutions amid changing global dynamics. She underlines the importance of understanding government strategies and aligning educational offerings to support nation-building.

Key Takeaways

Diversity and Demographics: Southeast Asia, with 168 million young people (0-14 years old), presents a significant opportunity for international education providers, particularly in countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and The Philippines.

Risk Minimisation: The region offers a stable alternative to traditional markets, which have become less predictable due to political and pandemic-related challenges.

Government Policies: Understanding and aligning with government priorities can enhance programme attractiveness and support students’ return to contribute to their home countries.

Transnational Education: Regulatory changes in countries like Vietnam and Indonesia highlight the growing opportunities for transnational education, indicating a strong market for both outbound and inbound educational initiatives.

Market Engagement Tips: Experts stress the importance of building relationships, understanding cultural and business diversity, and adapting to the dynamic and sophisticated nature of the Southeast Asian market.

Respect, Partnership, and Consistency

The conversation culminates in a powerful message for engaging with Southeast Asia: approach with respect, foster partnerships, and maintain consistency. This triad of principles is deemed essential for success in the region’s vibrant and diverse education sector.

For a deeper understanding of these insights and to explore further the dynamic educational landscape of Southeast Asia, download the “Key Trends in Southeast Asia” report. This comprehensive report is a valuable resource for anyone looking to engage with or understand the educational market trends in this rapidly evolving region.

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