Acumen in Conversation: Insights from Southeast Asia Episode 3

Acumen in Conversation: Insights from Southeast Asia Episode 3 – In the third episode of “Acumen in Conversation: Insights from Southeast Asia,” experts in the field of international education shared their insights on the dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape of education in Southeast Asia, with a focus on Vietnam and Malaysia. Haike Manning, Executive Director for Southeast Asia, and Raji Sogamaur, Country Director Malaysia, discussed the challenges and opportunities present in the region for educational institutions.

Key Insights:

  • Vietnam’s Education Landscape: Haike highlighted Vietnam’s rapid economic development and its implications for the education sector. He emphasises the importance for international education providers to stand out by offering specialised programmes and ensuring an exceptional student journey. 
  • Understanding Market Needs: Both panellists stressed the importance of conducting thorough market research to inform strategic decisions. For example, Haike noted the opportunity in Vietnam’s burgeoning semiconductor industry, suggesting that educational institutions could fill significant training and upskilling gaps.
  • Malaysia’s Role in International Education: Raji discussed Malaysia’s position as a significant education hub within Southeast Asia, pointing out its consistent draw for international students, especially from within the region. The discussion also covered the role of transnational education and the potential for short courses and upskilling programmes.
  • Trends in Transnational Education: The episode explored developments in transnational education, such as the growth of foreign branch campuses in Vietnam and Malaysia.  Haike referenced Acumen’s 2023 Vietnam Voices report on consumer attitudes towards transnational education in Vietnam, which showed a balanced interest in pursuing education domestically and abroad, indicating a significant market for in-country professional development programmes.
  • Regulatory and Cultural Considerations: Both speakers addressed the importance of understanding local regulations and cultural nuances when entering Southeast Asian markets. They highlighted specific challenges related to compliance, digital marketing restrictions, data protection laws, and employment legislation in countries like Vietnam and Malaysia.

For more detailed insights and strategies on navigating these complexities, viewers are encouraged to download the “Key Trends in Southeast Asia” report, offering in-depth analysis and guidance for educational providers looking to make an impact in Southeast Asia.

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