A day in the life of Jen Rau an In-Country Representative for Acumen partner – Queen Mary University, London

Below is the transcript

Hi everyone, it’s so nice to virtually meet you.

If I haven’t met you in person yet, my name is Jen Rau and I am an in-country representative based in the United States working with the client, Queen Mary University of London.

My position is, I believe, the first and currently only of its kind within the ICR team. I work as a study abroad officer representing North America so my focus is a little bit different than some of my peers within the ICR umbrella. Instead of focusing on full academic degree recruitment for undergraduate or postgraduate degrees at universities abroad, I work with university-aged students who are currently enrolled in college or university primarily in the United States and are looking to do a short-term study abroad experience in London at Queen Mary University. That experience can be as short as three weeks, or as long as a full academic year.

My timeline for recruitment marketing, and offer holders conversion is a little bit different than some of my counterparts. But it’s been an extremely enjoyable experience for me thus far since coming on to the team in July of 2021.

I get to work with partners that Queen Mary has all over the United States and make sure that they are up to date on all of our latest and greatest Study Abroad offerings, do presentations and marketing events for those students, and then once they are accepted to the program, continue to work with them through pre-departure sessions.

It’s been a really good experience thus far, and I’m very much enjoying myself if anybody ever wants to chat about how Study Abroad is similar but a completely different entity than full degree recruitment, please let me know I’m always happy to chat.

Some things about me in my life: I’m based in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States, but I’ve lived in six other states up to this point, and two other countries. I am married and have a dog and I’m really enjoying my experience thus far with a solid team working with everyone has just been a delight.

I look forward to connecting with you in the future if we haven’t already and hope that you all have a great day. Thanks for getting to virtually know me.