USIKE Leads Higher Education Delegation to India

The U.S.-India Knowledge Exchange (USIKE), supported by Sannam S4 and the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF), is leading a delegation of U.S. universities to New Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Mumbai from 15th to  20th  January 2019. The group of universities which includes University of California Berkeley, Drexel University, Purdue University, Lehigh University, Northeastern University, Troy University, University of South Florida and Cornell University will attend meetings with senior members of the Government of India, Indian State government officials, local institutions, and Indian and multinational corporations. As the Washington, D.C. based Knowledge Partner to RUSA (Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan) a scheme initiated by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India, the USIKE’s delegation is focused on developing new research collaboration and establishing innovative institutional partnerships.  

The collective work of Indian and US institution already impacts millions of Indian citizens through the exchange of knowledge, innovation, and advances in technology, healthcare, water treatment, agricultural practice, clean energy, skill development, and job creation. The U.S. India Knowledge Exchange delegation aims to establish ambitious projects in these areas to support India’s National and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The delegation will meet a range of Indian government ministries to discuss operational and regulatory reform which, if enacted, would foster greater international higher education collaboration. U.S. delegates will interface with U.S. and Indian multinationals interested in building academia-industry linkages focused on applied research, local development and commercialization of IP and the transformation of skills development. The delegation will also participate in discussions with Indian corporations and philanthropists regarding the creation of new universities in the country, along with State level interest in developing Knowledge Cities.

“We are delighted to be bringing a strong U.S. university delegation to India following on from the launch of our U.S. India Knowledge Exchange in 2018,” says Adrian Mutton, Founder, and CEO of Sannam S4 and pioneer of the U.S. India Knowledge Exchange. “There is so much untapped potential between U.S. and Indian institutions as well as collaboration with industry players in India to support the acceleration of homegrown research and local development of intellectual property. As India harnesses its unquestionable academic and entrepreneurial capabilities it will create greater economic prosperity and job creation and the outcomes will positively impact millions of the nations’ citizens” said Adrian Mutton.

“USISPF looks forward to building ties between U.S. and Indian education institutions through the USIKE Higher Education Forum and delegation this week,” says Mukesh Aghi, President and Chief Executive Officer, USISIPF. “Education is a natur

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