Sannam S4 Collaborates with Yocket for a Panel Discussion Series

The panel discussion series announced on LinkedIn on June 2, 2020, will provide a platform for open dialogue between students and some of Sannam S4’s university partners.

The series will be hosted on Yocket: an online platform offering a multitude of services to help students manage their plans to study abroad. Started in 2015, Yocket was originally designed for graduate students seeking education abroad but has since expanded to encompass undergraduate opportunities as well. In addition to offering a wide selection of resources and reviews, and assistance with things like test prep, ordering transcripts, or acquiring a loan, the site allows students to communicate directly with one another to discuss and better curate their plans.

“These are tough times for students and universities. The uncertainty in these situations has got all the students extremely worried. Students have to put in a lot of time, energy, and money when they are looking to study abroad and such uncertainty can be very daunting. We are glad to partner with Sannam S4 in getting their universities to talk to aspiring students and help them in these times. Better communication is the need of the hour and I am glad Sannam S4 resonates on this with us.” says Sumeet Jain, Co-founder, Yocket.

A representative from Yocket will moderate each webinar, posing questions about current issues faced by students to a representative from each participating university. Pre-registered students, both current and prospective, will have access to these discussions.

The first webinar of the series kicks off on June 8, to be followed by additional sessions on June 13, 15, 16, and 17. There will be two-time slots per day: the first at 7:00-8:00 PM Indian Standard Time and the second immediately after at 8:00-9:00 PM Indian Standard Time. Three concurrent sessions will run during each of the time slots.

In addition to the webinar content, Yocket will be hosting short blog posts for the participating universities on a variety of topics. The posts will appear on both the website and app versions of Yocket.

Participating universities can also take advantage of complimentary emails through Yocket’s platform. Following a sign-up procedure, the universities can have their content sent to 500 prospective students. Yocket will then provide a follow-up report indicating the open rate and click rate of the emails.

Delia Heneghan, Director of Education at Sannam S4 says, “As we navigate this pandemic, at Sannam S4 we are seeking like-minded partners to work with to ensure that our partner institutions are interacting with students considering their overseas studies options on a regular basis. A platform like Yocket is very relevant in these times of physical distancing, but social connectivity. We are excited to be working with Yocket to enable our partners to explore more avenues”.

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