Priority Visa Processing To Resume In The UK

The UK Visas and Immigration Services (or the UKVI),  has started restoring priority visa processing services for various visa classes that are eligible, including for students. The service was resumed on August 12th 2022.

Priority visa processing was suspended in March of this year. This was so that Ukrainian applicants could be processed first. As a result of priority visas being absent, a backlog developed in the months that followed.

Priority And Super Priority Visa Services Resumes 

Students who are outside of the UK can now pay more if they want their visas to be processed in an expedited manner. Students who want to travel to the UK for their higher education can now pay a surcharge of £500 in addition to the application fee. 

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Getting Student Visas In Five Working Days 

Students who pay the surcharge amount will be able to get their visas within just five working days. The UKVI has also provided details on when the time period actually starts as follows: 

  • It can be on the actual day the appointment takes place. Students will need to prove their identity at a UKVCAS center. 
  • Alternatively, it can be the next working day, once students have uploaded all of the necessary documents. This applies to those who use the app ‘UK Immigration- ID Check’. 

A super priority service is also available, for students who need their visas even faster. 

The UK is a popular educational destination for Indian students. Universities looking for guidance when it comes to internationalisation can benefit from Acumen’s knowledge and expertise.

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Expedited Visa Processing For Students 

Students can take advantage of a super-priority service, which costs an additional fee of £800. This is in addition to the application fee. Under this service, students can receive a decision on their visa application by the next working day. 

According to the UKVI, from the 12th of August 2022, the average time for processing student visas has decreased to around three weeks. This is down from five weeks, which was the benchmark that visa officials reported earlier on in the year. 

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