Acumen Welcomes US Joint Statement on International Education

Acumen welcomes the Joint Statement of Principles in Support of International Education recently announced by the US Department of State and Department of Education. We applaud the US government’s commitment to developing a coordinated national approach to international education and recognising the significant benefits that come with global engagement.

Acumen has supported 85 higher education institutions from across the globe in developing impactful internationalisation strategies and actively advocates for policy reform in Washington, DC and abroad.  This advocacy promotes greater student and faculty mobility and academic research collaborations, and facilitates broader and deeper relationships between US universities and other globally-ambitious institutions.

“Having a strong and unified message from the US comes at a very important time.  The unified stance will further strengthen the position of the US higher education sector globally as competition evolves.  Cooperation is clearly a necessity, so the statement is very welcome.”– Michael Bartlett, Acumen Global Managing Director of Education 

As a global market entry organisation, we are in a strong position to support our partners with our new TNE platform encouraging cross-border learning opportunities, our in-country representation, and advisory services for US universities eager to establish their profiles across the globe, especially in a world trying to stabilise and recenter after the pandemic’s disruption.

“The recent announcement is a most welcome indication of support from the US government in the importance of international education and its role in positioning the US as a global leader.  As we learn more about actionable next steps, the Acumen team here in the US is ready and excited to contribute.  On a day-to-day basis, we work alongside our partners contributing insights and best practice from international markets around the world.  As a global organisation we look forward to supporting US higher education with their internationalisation strategies to build back here at home.” – Adrian Mutton CEO Sannam S4 Group

We are delighted to see this statement from the US government and look forward to continuing our advocacy and partnerships with multiple government agencies to help realise the full international potential of the US higher education sector.

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