Find the Right Students for your Institution with the PACE Recruitment Suite


When carrying out a student recruitment drive, finding your leads is just the tip of the iceberg.

From nurturing that initial query to sending out offers to bright young minds, there are countless pitfalls where a potentially great prospect can drop out of the process and wind up with your competitors.

In today’s competitive market, you need to know exactly where, when and how to reach out to students in order to get them over the finish line. That’s where PACE comes in.

What is PACE?

PACE is an innovative and comprehensive suite of recruitment solutions, designed to help you get the best possible enrolment outcomes.

We map out your unique recruitment lifecycle, then use this to inform a comprehensive student engagement strategy for quick and reliable conversion. Enjoy fast and tangible results from your recruitment efforts, and minimise the disappointment of watching good leads turn cold.

How Pace Works

PACE stands for Prospect, Admit, Convert and Enrol; a proven four-stage structure for managing your recruitment process from start to finish.

Our PACE services are tailored to your existing recruitment and marketing strategies, designed to kick your engagement and conversion techniques to the next level. Through this approach, we not only help you to tackle more recruitment tasks in less time, but also improve the outcome overall.

Our specialist team is trained to deal with large volumes of applications while minimising turnaround time, giving you more bandwidth to focus on priority areas that can fall by the wayside all too often.

Among other things, our PACE service covers:

Digital awareness and demand generation
Lead qualification and engagement
Application and admissions operations
Offer holder conversion
Compliance screening
A Service That’s Made for You

Our bespoke service will support your recruitment drives where you need it most, helping you standardise methodologies, tackle irksome compliance obligations, and get the best prospects over the line.

We also identify and remove recruitment barriers to smooth out every stage of the student journey, while providing expert advice on communication strategies and effective solutions.

Our PACE service is highly agile and can be used effectively for a broad range of institutions and enrolment drives. Whether you need us to manage your entire recruitment and marketing funnel, tackle one specific segment or anything in between, we’ll have a student recruitment solution for you.

We also keep our service flexible on the students’ side, with student outreach campaigns conducted in local languages such as Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, and more.

Digital Demand Generation – Keeping Student Recruitment Ahead of the New Normal

Since launching in 2008, Acumen has helped more than 85 international universities (10 of which are in the world’s top 25 by QS Rankings 2020) with their international recruitment, admissions, and enrolment efforts.

Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, we’ve adapted to the challenges faced by our clients with the “Digital Demand Generation”, helping universities around the world meet their student recruitment KPIs in the face of international and regional travel bans.

The pandemic has turned traditional lead generation activities on their head, driving down student conversion and enrolment. Sannam S4’s Digital Demand Generation is designed to bridge the lead generation gap that’s been created, and help you discover flexible new approaches to international student recruitment.

With our Digital Demand Generation Services, your University Can:

Increase Enrolments
Expand your Brand
Use Localised Messaging to Target the Right Students
See an improved ROI
Digital – “The New Normal”

In a post-COVID world, where the more traditional channels have been pushed to the sidelines, we’ve created a digital-first solution that’s designed to help you fill the lead generation gap, get more from your recruitment drives, and support your teams on the ground.

By adding a new, flexible layer to our specialised traditional efforts, we’ll help you cover all bases and stop the pandemic from stealing your promising leads.

Our 5-Point Process:

  1. Customise a Solution: Our experts will conceptualise a recruitment drive based on the requirements and nuances of your specific institution.
  2. Research: We’ll use our 10+ years of sector expertise and proprietary research to create a detailed strategy.
  3. Effective Market Solutions: Our expert practitioners will see your strategy through to completion, ensuring diversification of channels, risk mitigation, and thoroughly optimised results.
  4. Innovate & Deliver: We’ll use our knowledge to build and execute campaigns that target the results you’re aiming for, employing expertly targeted campaigns and leveraging the best visual and creative assets.
  5. Monitor, Optimise, Repeat: Your campaign will be monitored in real-time and continuously optimised for the best possible ROI.