Highschool Counsellors Network



The Acumen School Counselling Excellence Network is an initiative that brings together high school counsellors from across India, to create a powerful and purposeful team of education specialists who can help steer student development and growth. 

Supporting students during lockdown

School counsellors are used to offering support and guidance during difficult times for students, however, India's lockdown posed unique challenges when offering this support. High school counselors have innovated, adapted and responded to these challenges with new technology and skills, which we aim to enhance with our unique initiative. The program has reached over 300 school counselors already through their knowledge sessions, working with universities, students and government officials to equip counselors to deal with this new learning reality.

Understanding the student experience

At Acumen, we wanted to understand the situation better to offer more effective support, so we connected with high school counselors across India and ran surveys to understand their needs, the needs of their students, what they value and what their aspirations are. Using this research and our contacts throughout the education sector, we have created a programme that directly caters to the unique circumstances both students and school counsellors are currently facing.

Recognising and supporting school counsellors

We recognise the valuable role school counsellors play in building relationships with students, helping them achieve their goals and finding the best path for their academic future. To support school counselors during this challenging time, Acumen created a course of knowledge sessions and a whole season of podcasts titled “School Counselling in the Time of Coronavirus”. Various topics were discussed including diversity, career development and post-study employment, supporting students with low and mid-level scores, preparing students to live abroad, looking beyond the usual subjects’ choices and study destinations.

Join host Ruth Malik for insights from India’s school university counselors, and hear from those on the front line as they support students to adapt to the new normal, the challenges, and changing choices.

Knowledge, training and resources for school counsellors

Acumen School Counselling Excellence Network is a knowledge platform designed to deliver long-term change, with certificates, training and support for school counsellors. The project aims to help counsellors assimilate relevant knowledge and teach them new ways to gauge student interests, talents, and find the best academic fit. The programme doesn't just focus on university admission, school counsellors will also be taught to monitor and track corporate openings in requisite industries, finding placements and new opportunities for students.

A network of exceptional school counsellors

We understand the value of collaboration and how important connecting with higher education specialists is for school counsellors, so we've developed a unique programme that is focused on connecting and sharing knowledge. The network also allows counsellors to establish connections with reputed universities across the world, enabling admissions to institutions. With lockdown restrictions still affecting many educators and school services, our programme will be delivered digitally, through a combination of presentations, webinars and podcasts so it can be accessed by high school counsellors remotely.

A bright future

We plan to continue focussing on Sustainable Development Goals 2030 by inspiring counsellors and educators to design effective programmes for students and guide their educational goals based on their passions, interests and aspirations. The initiative, led by the Partner Success team, is set to expand into Malaysia shortly, offering a diverse range of learning experiences that recognise the key role school counsellors play.