Expert Ecosystem

Collaborating with experts to give clients the right information, backed by experience and know-how is a given within the world of consulting, but Acumen has taken the experience to a new level.


What is the Expert Ecosystem?

The Expert Ecosystem (EE) is an evolution of the high-quality service offered to the education sector worldwide. By bringing together in-house and partnered experts across various specialisms, we deliver exceptional results for our client base. The Expert Ecosystem is the sum of our specialist knowledge, providing support to educational institutions to provide expertise where it is needed the most.

How does the Expert Ecosystem work?

Our Expert Ecosystem supports educational facilities and institutions by providing their collective experience and knowledge to grow and improve their brand profile over time. Through the EE, we’re able to deliver resources and guidance on all niche areas of education, including:

Building beneficial partnerships
Internationalising and improving student recruitment
Entering and developing new markets
Providing guidance and TNE and pathway programming
Supporting the development of virtual and standard courses
Delivering branding and marketing for educational facilities
Supporting marketing and outreach activities to improve student enrolment

What are the benefits of the Expert Ecosystem?

We have proven that utilising our extensive expert network across a range of educational sectors ensures your particular pain points are met and resolved through a highly tailored, bespoke solution.

Access to more than 300 years of collective experience in an ever-expanding network
Global experience from in-house and partnered experts
Versatile knowledge across a range of educational specialisations
Supporting organic growth through partnerships and expert support

Meet Our Experts

Our team is here to support educators in enhancing enrollment, connecting with new markets, and internationalising their educational services for continued growth and development.

Anna Esaki-Smith

Recruitment, Marketing and Outreach

Dr. Maina Singh

Liberal Arts, Designing Hybrid & Online courses

Tim Carnley

Recruitment strategy, Branding & Marketing for Schools, TNE

Mark Taylor

Higher Education, Pathways & Trans-National Education

Noreen Lucy

Partnership building, Diversity & Social Enterprise

Juan Figar

Go-to-market Consulting

Jason Schrott

Recruitment, Online & campus-based education

Brad Farnsworth

International Higher Education Policy & Student Recruitment

Sara El Dallal

Digital Marketing, Program Management, & Community Outreach

Francois Therin

Strategic change, Revenues generation, & Research 

Yo Picolos

Agent management, Student recruitment, & Market Development

Trung Doan

Student Recruitment, Academic Operation, & Government